Lee Rodwell

I specialise in health and lifestyle writing – providing content for websites, magazines, newspapers, books and leaflets to style, to length and on time!

With more than 25 years’ experience under my belt, I enjoy tackling topics from pregnancy and parenting to menopause and cancer and I’m very good at making complicated things easy to understand.

I’m also available for consultancy work and – as a former visiting lecturer at Westminster University – I offer training and strategy advice to PR companies.

I’ve edited the health pages on Britain’s best-selling women’s magazine, contributed features to most national newspapers, and written for charities and corporate clients.

So far I’ve written eight books – including ones on sex, on women’s health and on prostate problems – and I also worked as a ghost writer for a book about the founding of Weight Watchers.


Besides writing for most of Britain’s national newspapers and many magazines in the UK and around the world, I’ve also produced patient information leaflets for charities and a variety of PR material, from press releases to booklets.

Some of the newspapers I have written for:

The Independent The Times The Daily Telegraph The Observer

News Articles

Problems that can be faced by students renting accommodation
When Paul Smith and three fellow students rented a five-bedroom terraced house in Divinity Road, Oxford, they were hard pressed to find the deposit of more than £1,000…

Heart attack? But I’m a woman…
… At first she thought she had overdone the taramasalata. Then she felt an intense pain in the middle of her left hand…

Magazines & Information Guides


So far I have eight books under my belt. The topics have taken me from the trials and tribulations of singledom, through the stage of having babies, coping with parenthood, and managing relationships. I’ve also examined some of the problems people face in later life.

To purchase any of my books please visit Alibris.

Single Woman’s Survival Guide

An indispensable companion to the pleasures and problems of an independent life.

Working Parents Survival Handbook

Trying to balance the demands of work while raising a family? This book covers all the bases.

Natural Pregnancy

This book offers expert advice on yoga and meditation exercises to overcome stress, methods for staying fit and strong during throughout pregnancy, step-by-step guides to massage strokes and aromatherapy techniques.

Woman’s Guide To Loving Sex

During the course of a woman’s life, the function and purpose of sex swings back and forth between recreation and procreation. The earth may not move all the time – but, fulfilling or not, sex should always be caring and loving. The book aims to help ensure that it is.

You And Your Prostate

The prostate gland can be seen as a time bomb ticking away in male plumbing. This book explains when and how to seek help – and discusses the treatment options available.

Women And Medical Care

An invaluable guide to how the system works within the NHS and private sector, including an A-Z of women’s health problems.

Arthritis & Rheumatism

A practical guide to living with arthritis and rheumatism. Produced with the help of the Arthritis and Rheumatism Council, it will help you to ease the pain and increase your mobility so that you can live a more normal and healthy life.

Working Through Your Pregnancy

From workplace safety to maternity leave, this guide addresses all the subjects that affect women who want – or need – to carry on working during their pregnancy.


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